Torosidis Happy with His Tenure at Roma

Vasilis Torosidis spoke today to Roma Channel about his time, thus far, at Roma and how he is approaching the Derby.

How are you after a year and some months in Rome?
“I’m fine, as well as the team. We hope to hit all the targets.”

Important goal in the Coppa against Samp…
“The goal was important for the qualification and nothing else. After Sampdoria and Juventus, we also have to beat Napoli.”

The best moment since you’ve been at Roma?
“There are many, starting with the match against Juventus. There was immense joy when we beat them, but also the beautiful victory in the derby this year. But if only one, my arrival was nice.”

The goal against Inter is the most beautiful?
“It was an important goal, it allowed us to go in the Coppa final.”

What is your relationship with Garcia?
“I enjoy the confidence of the coach, but he counts on everyone in the group count and not just me. The team is more important than any of the esteem.”

Where do you prefer to play?
“On the right , but I’m at the complete disposal of the team.”

Can you give something to the team with your experience?
“The experience I have gained at European and global levels gave me an experience that makes me overcome every obstacle in the right way. In doing so, I can deal with every game in top condition.”

This team may make in the Champions League?
“Definitely yes. It’s a shame not to be in Europe, but we have the right character and hope to get in the Champions League. We compete with many teams.”

What is the goal? Thinking of Juventus?
“There are 17 games to play, the math is in our favor. We need to stay close to Juventus, putting pressure on them. However, we remain a great team and if we continue like this, we can achieve larger goals.”

What are Roma’s chances to reach the final of the Coppa Italia?
“We have a small advantage, but the fact that they play at home will make it more difficult. But we have not lost to anyone except Juve and that says a lot.”

At the World Cup you will be challenged by Gervinho…
“We have already joked about this. We’re roommates and we joke a lot, but before, we both think only of Roma.”

Is there a companion that has impressed you?
“I will not speak of the individuals, they are all very strong. Everyone has their own story, but also those who did not have it to live up to Roma. We are a fantastic group.”

Source(s): Roma Channel

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