Toloi Unveiled

Recent addition Rafael Toloi was unveiled today at a press conference, where the Brazilian admitted he is eager to get to work and prove his worth to Rudi Garcia.

Toloi. what are your characteristics? Who inspires you?
Grit, determination, I like to run with the ball, I also mark strongly, with Goiàs I also scored a few goals, I like to help the team from deal balls, but my main feature is to be a good marker.”

Someone helped you make the decision to come to Rome?
“Any young player dreams of playing in Europe, for me, coming to Rome is an honor. It happened very quickly, I am happy to be on a team with an important tradition. I hope to find space and showcase my skills.”

What did they tell you about the derby?
I know the rivalry is very strong, I have spoken with the Brazilians. I arrived a few days ago, it’s the third day that I train on my own, tomorrow I’ll join the team, I do not know if I’ll be available, but tomorrow we’ll talk and I’ll know.”

(A question has now been directed to CEO Italo Zanzi)
What added value can Toloi bring?
“He comes from a strong league, he played a lot of matches, he has international experience, so it is a pleasure to have him with us.”

You’ve done much so far in your career. You were expecting this after the Under 20 World Cup?
“The Under-20 World Cup was importnat for me, I was called in all the national youth teams. After that, I played for Goiàs, I received the proposals but then they failed to materialize into anything, but I continued to work knowing that one day it would be my chance. Today I am happy to be here and I’m available to the coach.”

How can you put yourself between Castan and Benatia?
“I’ve seen a lot of Roma, and I could see how strong Benatia and Castan are, I’m here to fight and try to win my space and try to prove to the coach that I can get my chance, I hope to to do so from tomorrow.”

(Another question has been directed at Italo Zanzi)
Will you do something about the sporting judge’s decision?

“I state that we are against all forms of racism, but it is news that arrived a little while ago, we will give a statement soon about what we will do. Now it’s too early to say.”

You can play fullback?
“I think so, sometimes I played fullback, not many times, but I feel good. I’m working hard, if the coach asked me to do so then why not.”

What do you think about the environment of Rome? And the team?
“I received a nice welcome, not only from the Brazilians but all the guys. I’m new here but I’ve already seen that it is a very united group, and I’m happy to be part of it. I already feel comfortable and I feel at home. All that remains is to work.”

You were number 2 in Brazil?
“Yes, at San Paolo.”

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