Garcia Still Confident After Conceding Two Goals

Roma manager Rudi Garcia remains confident that his team can get a result in Naples after their 3-2 victory in the Coppa Italia semi-finals over Napoli. The manager spoke with reporters, including Roma Press, after the match.

A major victory for the return leg?
“Yes, it was important to win. But it would’ve been better if we didn’t concede a goal at home. But we saw a good game, with two strong teams.”

Roma conceded a goal when they were trying to score…
“Yes, it can happen and it was our mistake, that’s how they scored. But they have the qualities, like us. We will see the return game, but Napoli must win now.”

Gervinho also knows how to score…
“That answer always comes on the field.”

Totti only played an hour…
“It was in the forecast, Francesco played really well. I think I had to make different choices, but Gervinho had the hot foot and it was a good idea to keep him on the field. I wanted to win the game at 2-2.”

You’ve now been given an advantage?
“The goal has changed everything, we gave confidence to Napoli and we have had a psychological decline, but we had the idea of ​​attacking at 2-2 and we did everything to win.”

Which team is now favored to make it to the final?

“It’s 50/50. We know we can score goals in Naples, but we also know that they have a very strong attack. If we still see a good game of football it’ll be nice publicity.”

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