Cosmi Thinks First Three Places Already Decided

Serse Cosmi, the ex-manager of Lecce and Siena, was asked today about the Serie A table and admitted that he thinks the first three places are already decided.

“This market has met the needs of Benitez. In Juventus, I see too much crowding in the attack, while Roma did not need large-scale projects: the first three of these will remain until the end, unless they fall, then Fiorentina will enter. After the third place, it is an absolute vacuum.”

The former manager continued, “Has Napoli narrowed the gap with Juventus and Roma? With the Giallorossi yes, but Conte’s team is impregnable. Whether it’s for Napoli or Roma, the distance in the standings is excessive. Currently, the topic most intriguing in our league is fighting for second place.”


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