Pjanic: “The Environment (at Roma) is Beautiful”

Miralem Pjanic spoke today to Roma Channel regarding the season thus far, his teammates, and his future with Roma.

How are you feeling?
“I’m better, I had a knee problem against Juve two weeks ago and I kept playing, this week I was able to recover with a specific goal in mind and I hope to improve, I’m feeling good and I’m happy.”

The team?
“The coach relies on a large squad, with many players who are all ready. Whoever the coach chooses he gives the most to, we believe in ourselves and what we do. It’s easier for everyone having strong teammates with great quality, our goals are important and we want to win.”

The season?
“After two difficult years, we have gone beyond our expectations this season but I knew that we had the right players, we needed a different mindset. Some things have changed and this year we got off on the right foot unlike previously. The team has regained confidence in itself and the quality of all the players is on display. We are seeing the value of this squad but nothing is certain because we know that the league is long but we want to continue with this pace, which is good. We have big goals, but we can reach them.”

Your personal goals?
“If we finish the campaign in a lower place than where we are now the team would be disappointed. We’re having a good season, the team is watching its back but also the front of us, there is Juve who are having an extraordinary season but the league is still long, things can still change.”

You were criticized during the summer…
“It felt like people didn’t think I gave it my best. It all started with those statements (regarding Lulic in the Coppa Italia) that I had never said. I would never say things like that. But what gave me the most trouble was that they thought I had not given my best. I always give my best on the pitch. Everything is going well this year, it’s different than in the last years. This was my motivation, I started on the right foot, today I am happy with what I’m doing and with the team.”

Your most pleasurable memory of the season?
“It wasn’t any of my goals but Balzaretti’s against Lazio. It was a very beautiful image, it was a victory that I had been waiting for so long because we came from the defeat on May 26. That win did good for us and the fans.”

You’re wanted by others who wish you take you from Roma?
“I still have a contract for a year and a half. I know there are other clubs interested but I’m dealing with Roma, they know what I think. I have become a true fan of this team, I have started to make friends with fans and teammates here too. This is very important for a player. This year the environment is more beautiful, and now the players feel it. It’s very nice to play here, I hope that we can win trophies here. I am really fine here.”

More players wish to now play for Roma…
“For us it is always good to play with important players. We all hope to remain here, the club is doing very well, I saw that we signed young players who now get to grow here. It’s important for the future. For us it was great to see Nainggolan arrive. We understand that the club wants to aim high and this also showed in the summer.”

Qualifying for the World Cup with Bosnia?
“A great feeling. It was a dream, especially for people who are were waiting for it for so long. After what happened in Bosnia, better times are ahead even if the current situation is not the best. When it comes to the national team, they show us so much love, we play for them and we are proud to go to Brazil with the shirt.”

What advice did you father, a former football player, give to you?
“We speak quite often. He critiques me and tells me when I do well. It helped me grow, he is the only one who follows me intensely, he has seen my growth since I was a child. The other day I spoke with Sabatini and he told me something that my father has told me many times. He understands when I can make a difference in the game from the first touch of the ball.”

Napoli or Lazio, who did you prefer?
“We expected to face Napoli, especially since they were playing at home.”

“They are dangerous: they have speed and lots of quality. But we’re playing at home, not winning would be bad for us. We respect them but we have won many games at home, it’s our strength. Our fans give us an extra boost, like when we won against Juventus. The fans make a difference and we hope every Sunday to have a packed stadium. We need them.”

Scudetto, Coppa Italia, or World Cup. Maybe all of them (laughs)?
“Until the end of May, I will be 200% focused on Roma, then I will play for the World Cup. But first, I want to continue to do well with Roma, I hope to feel great physically and then I will have time to prepare for a great World Cup.”

Source(s): Roma Channel

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