Ljajic: “I Can Give More.”

Adem Ljajic spoke to Roma Channel today and explained his time in Roma, Rudi Garcia, and his teammates.

Your experience after your first few months in Roma?
“I’m fine, we’ve had a great season and I’m happy. I’m feeling better and better and we hope to continue like this.”

The first half of the season?
“Until now I haven’t given 100%, only 60%. I want to improve and give more. From the collective standpoint we did well, we’ll see where we are at the end of the season.”

Where you nervous before the derby?
“I’ve scored before against Lazio. So far, it has definitely been my best goal and it was great to see the fans enjoy it.”

You went to the spot very cool…
“I’ve had the luck to play in a derby like that in Belgrade. I’m used to playing derbies like these.”

Do you think that some judgments about you were somewhat incorrect?
“For now, I’m happy with my performances but I know I can do better. I have not been lucky, but it’s normal, it’s football. I hope to score many more goals.”

You lead the statistics for passes performed in the Serie A…
“I didn’t know that. Certainly that’s a nice thing. I play for the team, if I can not assist a teammate I apologize. I want to play for the team and always give my best.”

Your greatest match was in Udine…
“It was a tough game, but a great result for playing with ten.”

You said: “When I was a child I heard bombs, I can’t be fearful of boos”…
“Now I understand what it means to be important. All the things that have happened at home did not change things, I just wanted to play. Now everything is great and I’ve made my childhood dreams come true.”

Do you happen to speak with Pjanic or Jedvaj about the situation in your country?
“We’ve never talked about it. Us young people do not hear many of these old stories.”

With the old Yugoslavia you would be the strongest…
“If we were all together we would be the strongest in Europe. Now we try to do well with our national teams.”

Garcia gives you great freedom. What position do you like most?
“I like the freedom of being able to manuever. The coach is a great coach, he talks with everyone and is always close. I am happy to work with him.”

Has Garcia changed the mentality of the team?
“When I arrived, to tell you the truth, I was not expecting such a group. Then later I found a group of great players and great men. Now we are strong and we want to continue like this.”

You’re a player who has scored more coming off the bench. Do you miss the goal?
“Definitely. The goals give you so much confidence, but I know that it will come as soon as possible.”

How is the relationship with the fans?
“It’s a beautiful thing. They always stop me in the streets, it is a beautiful thing and I have a great relationship with the fans. They want us to continue like that.”

What is your goal?
“Juventus are a little ahead. We are there and we hope to win as many games as possible and not give up on the title. The second spot would be a great result.”

What is like to play with Totti?
“I have no words for him. There aren’t many players in the world like him, he is a champion. With him, everything is easier, it is a pleasure.”

An important game against Livorno on Saturday. Anything you feel like?
“These games are dangerous. Livorno are in trouble and will come to defend themselves, but we want to win and we have to go on the pitch with the right kind of attitude and I hope there are many fans there. I must do better and I want to do it right away.”

Source(s): Roma Channel

The Editor of RomaPress.us, John has been covering Italian football as a freelance journalist for over 10 years and has appeared in various publications including ASRoma.com, EuroFantasyLeague.com, and ESPN.