Garcia Thrilled With Roma

Roma manager Rudi Garcia spoke today at the Golden Ball ceremony in Zurich and commented on the Golden Ball finalists, the campaign, and his players.

Ronaldo’s the best player in the world?
“I don’t know, we’ll see. Ribery has won everything, but let’s not forget that there is also Messi, who has won the Ballon d’Or four times. Whoever wins is a champion. The best coach? They are all great coaches and have trained or will train big teams. It’s a pleasure to be here and see so many people.”

Best goal of the year to Florenzi?
“I agree!” (Laughs)

Ballon d’Roma?
“There is a prize for each of them, we are having a great season. We must not give up, we are focused.”

The Scudetto?
“We have to make our own luck and get as many points as possible and then let’s see what the others will do. Juventus are stronger and 8 points ahead but remain 19 games.”

There are limits for Roma?
“I hope you don’t know what they are! 44 points after the first round is a record. We have done well but it is only half of the season.”

Are you surprised by Nainggolan’s quick integration?
It’s what I said yesterday, he seems to have done well in the preparation with us. He’s a great player and plays at a high level and he is very talented and I’m not surprised at his inclusion in the squad. He’s easy to play on our team, that game for Nainggolan, who is a good player, is fine. He can do everything. Steal balls, has a long game, he’s a good buy.”

Balzaretti returns soon?
“He started very well too, but is now injured. He’ll return sooner rather than later but we must wait to see if he can return to 100% faster. I said it after the game yesterday, if Federico is not well we must think about signing a fullback. Dodo is very good, he played a great game. I have total confidence in this guy who is growing enormously, in an excellent way, but if he gets injured it will be more difficult. We’re second, we aim to achieve a spot in the Champions League, but we still have three weeks.”

Source(s): Sky Sport

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