Rudi Garcia’s Pre-Juventus Press Conference

Rudi Garcia spoke today on the eve of his team’s clash with Juventus in Turin. Here are his words:
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Which team is stronger?
“Hello and Happy New Year to all. I do not know and it is not tomorrow’s game that will give an answer, they are a strong team like us, we have strengths and weaknesses, just like them. It‘s always important to win games, if we draw or lose there is still time in the second round, but it is better to win this game.”

Who will play in the three-pronged attack?
“There is no doubt about Florenzi, he will be with us tomorrow. He trained today but we have paid attention to his back, tomorrow he’ll be 100%. We will have to wait for an hour and a half tomorrow before the game to know the line-up.”

What’s your idea for Juventus?
“They are designed to win the league and maybe the Champions League, they have a very strong squad with two teams of the same level, playing at home is an advantage for them. Everyone thinks that the game is lost for us, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I saw Conte once and we talked for five minutes, I have a lot of respect for his achievements, two league titles, now first in the standings, there is nothing more to say, he is a very good and strong coach.”

From the technical and tactical point of view, have you and Conte brought something new to Italian football?
“I’m not the one who can say, it’s been just six months that I’m here, you know the Italian league better than me, I play my game and my team follows me, we have not lost yet and we have the better defense in Europe, we hope to continue in 2014 with this beautiful game that makes us win.”

What is the right strategy?
“We really need to be focused throughout the game, not just at the beginning, maybe it should not change anything if we suffer or score a goal, we have to play the whole game with conviction, we need to be effective on their own strengths, they have a great team, we’ll see what happens, but surely we will play this game to the end.”

What about the referee?
“It will be a game between two great teams with a great referee. The best team will win, that’s it.”

Is there any regret for being five points behind?
“No, it means that Juve are doing an extraordinary championship and they started to beat the record.

“Nothing changes, our goal is to return to Europe, we are on the right path, no matter what the other teams do,congratulations to them for that route done, we’ll see what happens not only in this game but also in the next ones.”

Roma today like Juventus two years ago?
“We don’t use the same game plan, the play with a 3-to-5 defense and they won because they do it very well, we will go to Turin to be protagonists to the end, then we’ll see what happens.”

Would you ever coach Juventus?
“I am 100 % in the Roma’s project.”

Have you felt the rivalry between Juventus and Roma in the recent months?
“This pressure is wonderful, it means that the second plays against the first, better than being placed eighth, it means that we have done well since the beginning of the season.

“Me and the players would sign to play every week games at this level, there will be the best referee in Italy, the best team will win.”

Do you agree with Totti who said you lack some determination?
“He said that we are a strong team and that he believes in this team, I like that, he is like a lighthouse, if Francesco believes in it, it is much easier for others to be even stronger, it’s a good thing that the captain takes the group and goes forward.”

The transfer market?
“I’m here to talk about the game.”

How important is to get a result tomorrow?
“We have done well against big teams, it is an interesting game to watch on a tactical level, if we play well, then it’s better to win to extend this winning streak that we started, but we must not think about this we have to think about going on the field and give everything, especially to go out on top and do everything to win.”

Who is more psychologically ready as a team?
“I am always careful not to say things about other teams because I do not like when one speaks of my team without coaching it.

“To understand a player and a team you have to coach it, I am happy with my players, we are strong and talented, have a hunger like wolves and a great determination, you have pointed out this thing in the first round of the championship, when we scored a goal it is almost as if we had done it in a World Cup final, there is always one ready to help, when you coach a team like this one you’re ready and prepared.”

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