Pezzuto: “Roma Must Shop In January.”


Giampaolo Pezzuto, Italian agent of FIFA, was asked his opinion about Roma and the upcoming transfer window.

Roma is doing great things in the league. What to do in January?
“Roma will have to do some shopping only to increase their range, because the team is doing great things.”

Some have doubts about Dodo: what do you think?
“Dodo is a major talent, I really like him as a player and I think he can do well in the future. This is a talented footballer.”

Roma have another young player. Romagnoli could go away on loan…
“I think he’s a very gifted young man, but he needs to play to be able to express his talent.”

Would send him out on loan?
“Yes, maybe in some B team can do good for Romagnoli, he is a young player who has plenty of room for improvement.”

Garcia gave him his debut in Serie A. Ricci…
“It’s a good sign for Roma and Italian football, Ricci is very good and gives perspective, like his brother.”

Cerci said he wanted to return to Rome?
“It has a good shot (of happening). Cerci is a very strong player and I think it will be important for the future of Rome.”