Agent of Dodo, Maicon Speaks


Roberto Calenda , the agent of Roma’s Dodo and Maicon and former Giallorossi player Marquinhos, spoke today regarding his clients and Roma’s season.

Having several clients in other countries, what are your opinions on the season of Roma?
“Roma is occupying an important position heading into the international break that suggests they have quality that expresses itself on the pitch. They have aroused my curiosity and have caught the attention of many.”

As Director of Sport, what kind of person is Sabatini? How is it working with him, especially in the frantic days of the market?
“Whoever does this job knows that at times the market can get hot and we’re all under pressure. The difference is between those who keep calm and decide on their targets. This work puts a strain on our coronary arteries. It’s important to keep calm and I noticed that Roma does.”

Against Fiorentina Maicon has found his first goal for AS Roma. He was an eager player?
“He operates in a particular way to do well, so that the Roma do well. He celebrates in the same way whether he is the one scoring or it is one of his teammates. He is very happy and content. He enjoys playing football and can play in a team where everyone speaks the same language. He’s pleased with the results he is getting here in Rome.”

Tell us how and when did the idea to take him to Roma arrive? Sabatini had initially thought about Wallace …
“After the Italian Cup, Sabatini has changed my mind about how to structure the team and talking with him my idea was born, and he has jumped at it because he needed a player of charisma and quality.”

Maicon was greeted with skepticism when he arrived in the capital. What gave him the most trouble?
“He’s a special guy, an experienced player, a person accustomed to the pressure to win. Last year, for the first time, he had a run of bad luck. A year full of injuries from the heel to the small meniscus surgery. Many did not know what the situation was and and spoke of a finished Maicon but he is proving that he is good is stronger than ever. I’m sorry you do not give the right information. This year of suffering several injuries happened after playing so many seasons at a high level. If someone bet against him, then they are not well versed in football. ”

How is Maicon’s experience with living in Rome?
“What is outside is out and what is inside remains inside: we all see what he does on the field and how he participates in the game, the situations of the game, as the group makes. Thats his current mood . He’s very happy with the choice that I suggested. He’s happy, he’s a real person who is direct and clearly shows his feelings, as well as when he talks to the fans in the stadium during the game.”

Dodò last year was never able to train with continuity, unlike this year. Credit must be given to the differences in training?
“It was normal to have to sustain a period of rehabilitation after a serious injury. Roma was smart to track this and to be patient and stay close to the player. Then with the actual trainer, he is good but what he did last year served to put him back on the pitch.”

His performance is obviously under a magnifying glass. How is his living situation?
“I like his attitude to work, I’ll always say. I like his continuity and not caring about the criticism, the not caring about anything and going on his way. This is what you need to make the leap. Dedication at work: thinking only about training. This is paying off.”

Compared to last year, there is an obvious improvement on defense but should he be a little less shy going forward?
“He’s doing what you ask for in Italian and European football and he’s doing well. He gives much attention to the defensive side, which is mandatory whenplaying in Italy, not to mention his quality. The crosses that he has produced in the last matches were well made and those with a fine palate understand this. Maicon gives advice to him and continually he (Dodo) remembers that it comes from a champion, a Brazilian one, tactically very different from others. Moreover at his age, it is not easy to play in one of the best teams in Serie A.”

Juve and Roma Scudetto race?
“It’s a thrilling duel. Both teams are superior to others, they are overcoming others and are equipped to do well. Both have a superb midfield and in Turin on the 5th of January it will be an exciting challenge. Perhaps Juve have a more of a winning habit while the new Roma was the first time to lay at the top.”

In recent weeks in talks for the market, a hypothesis for the loan for Dodo, with Torino, Sampdoria and Tottenham interested in the player…
“No, no, this won’t happen because Roma don’t think of selling him.”

Contacts with other teams?
“The market in January is a strange market, especially with the economic crisis. It is the market for inventions and of low cost. Past years there have been teams that have entered important players but this year it promises to be a quiet market.”

This market will be for Roma?
“They are already strong: the company may intervene, but this is already a very strong team.”

Can you tell us some background regarding the market from last summer?
“When Garcia met Marquinhos the first thing he said was, You won’t leave, alright? “. Subsequently, the club told us of their willingness to sell the player and they found the best solution for everyone.”