Garcia’s Pre-Catania Press Conference


Rudi Garcia has held his weekly pre-match press conference. Be sure to check Roma News for real time updates via Marco Buccino:

It only takes ten supporters to close a sector…
“It’s difficult, everyone does his job, this is what happened away from home, perhaps it would be more normal to prohibit the next away game, it would be something more logical than closing the Curva at home.

“I do not know what happened in Milan, if it’s something about racism we have to fight it, I’m not making the law.”

Tickets are named, there are cameras and stewards…
“Better to play with the fans than without the fans, both home and away, if it is possible to know exactly who does such things we have to target individuals and not all the fans, Baldissoni is handling the case.”

De Rossi and Strootman will be missing, will you change the tactical approach?
“I have two options, I can use Taddei, Florenzi or Marquinho in midfield or change the system, it does not change much, there is still a training session tomorrow to see which is the best formation for Sunday.”

Are you more concerned about the absences or is it a chance to see Totti and Destro playing together?
“I am a coach who does not pay attention to these absences, Daniele and Kevin can not play, I can not do anything.

“Without Kevin we have won, they’re doing a season of high level, but that’s how things are now, it’s up to other two players, it does not change anything on the game.

“We aim to take all three points, we want to close this half-season of high level, I hope to have the Stadio Olimpico full, it is important to play for our fans, it would be a nice Christmas present to bring the three points to us and to them.”

What about match fixing?
“Same thing as racism, we must fight it every way we can, this thing can not exist, but before you put the names in the papers you have to wait if something happened or if nothing happened, it is not possible that these things happen in a game so beautiful as football.”

Did you show your players the game against Sassuolo and Cagliari for a better approach?
“I do not think we had a wrong approach, against Sassuolo we missed the second goal to seal the match, it is still possible to allow the equalizer in the last second, I do not need to talk about this with the players, they are professionals, they know that we did a great mid-season and they know that it is important to end with a win.”

Has Roma done what they had to do?
“At the beginning of the season no one expected 38 points before playing the last game of the year, we did something unbelievable, we haven’t stolen points, perhaps some are missing.

“A team that likes playing together on the field gives pleasure to the fans. We must do everything possible to move forward on this point.”

Will you be influenced by bookings ahead of the match against Juventus?
“It is not a good thing to do it, we know the rules, you must play without thinking about this thing, what I do not want is take unnecessary cards, maybe if you score goals and you take off your shirt is fine.”

What about the transfer market?
“The market opens on January 1st, I only talk about the game. I want to make sure that in second part of the season my players will stay here, I have a squad of quality, then if we have to make things better we will see, we have time to talk about it, I trust my players and I do not want that anyone leaves, I have been clear about it.

“Later we will see, if we lack a player who can be complementary with the squad we will think about it, but we still have time.”

Could Totti start on Sunday?
“Francesco is improving, it was a good thing to wait for Milan to make him play, he is at a good level, he is recovered, he played almost 35 minutes. Like long injury of Matti, they need to play and practice, then the form will come.

“The fact that Francesco is back is good news for everyone, he can start the game but he still lacks full-match fitness, he is better and this is important.”

Don’t you regret having said that second spot is better than the first?
“No, you have to be in the dressing room to understand this thing, there are talks for the environment and talks for the dressing room.

“I just do not understand the environment, you have to lower the tone, I prefer that our fans have a wonderful, fantastic and immense surprise at the end of the season, winning the Scudetto, rather than having the disappointment.”