Destro Dreaming Of the World Cup


Giallorossi forward Mattia Destro spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport after scoring two goals in the last two matches against Fiorentina and AC Milan.

(Transcript via Marco Buccino)

So your career hasn’t ended yet…
“That’s what they wrote. Let’s say that now I’m back. If I’m good or not, I leave it to others to judge.”

Have you ever been afraid of hanging up your boots?
“Maybe not. I always wanted to think positively, trying to make slip on me everything they said.”

Do you think someone will pay for the mistakes that were made?
“I do not know, it does not depend on me.”

Was this difficult period useful to learn more about the people who were close?
“Yes, it was a way to clean up.”

Now three reasons why Roma can win the Scudetto…
Because we are strong, because we play well and because there is a great group.”

And three reasons why you can not win…
“Well, I do not know… Juventus and Napoli are strong, and then the Bianconeri are more used to winning.”

As a child you were a Juventus fan, there would be a greater taste to beat them…
“It would be nice , in fact I’ll try.”

Did you consider the possibility to leave on loan in January to get back in shape?
“No, I want to stay here. Under Garcia I am really fine.”

Did you suffer when Inter sold you to Genoa?
“Not so much. Of course, when you grow up in a club you hope to debut in the Serie A one day”.

The World Cup in Brazil?
“One step at a time. I want to play for the the national team, but I have to stay in shape.”

Who are the favorites?
“Brazil, Spain and Argentina, but watch out for Italy and the Netherlands. And then we have a great tradition in such events.”

Do you still think Balotelli is a complete striker?
“Mario is the best Italian striker.”

Destro, Balotelli and Rossi in Italy’s front line for the World Cup?
“It would be a dream. The two of them there will be for sure, I’m just afraid that having too many goals could distract me from what I do.”

What would you say to the ‘boo birds’ against Mario?
For me, the ‘boos’ are not only a way to express racism. Many players get insulted. However, they are not good.”

You are used to argue with your coaches…
“I have a particular temper, but now I have improved.”

Who is the coach you owe more?

Why should a person feel passion for the Italian league?
“Because football is a wonderful sport. And I would not want to leave our league.”

Would you denounce a colleague?
“I have never noticed strange things around me. But I’d be ready. It needs to be done.”

What was the last book you read?
“It was four years ago. It was a book of war… But I do not remember which one.”

You footballers have so much free time…
“I try, I start, but then I can not do it and I let it go.”

Is it true that before taking the field you listen to Jennifer Lopez and ‘Danza Kuduro’?
“Let’s not talk about music. The team-mates always make fun of me because I have bad taste.”

Do you use social networks?
“No, I’m not very technological and I do not have the patience to follow these things.”

What about sacrifices to become a footballer?
“A school trip at middle school. I do not even remember where we were going, but I wanted so much to do it.

“At that age, the best thing was to stay with friends, but I had to play and so I missed it. I’m so sorry.

“People should know that football is not just what it looks. There is more behind.”