Petkovic Responds to Rudi Garcia


Lazio manager Vladimir Petkovic was asked about Rudi Garcia’s comments regarding Lazio at his press conference on the eve of their Europa League match vs. Trabzonspor. Yesterday, Roma’s manager had some very strong words to say regarding their rivals.

“The 71st minute signs have become their command. They celebrate it in every match. To me, it shows a lack of ambition. When the schedule came out, the executives were destroyed by the fact that the derby was scheduled on the 4th match day. I was feeling guilty. I didn’t want the trauma to simmer, the best thing was to play immediately against them, beat them, and move on to something else.”

Petkovic was taken back by the comments and responded, “I do not want to be part of this. They can say what they want, we are the weaker team at this moment, the only thing we can do is prove it on the pitch.”