Iorio Impressed With Win Over La Viola


Former A.S Roma player Maurizio Iorio spoke today about Roma’s win over Fiorentina while also admitting winning the title will be very difficult for the Giallorossi.

“Roma have won with merit against Fiorentina, showing what are the proactive characteristics of the game, which could allow them to start scoring more goals in games, as Fiorentina’s defense has been in obvious difficulty. Garcia was good to give an identity to the team, Montella has also done a good job, but today Roma is objectively second in the league. I’m afraid, because I love Roma, the championship fight is not exactly a fight, because I think Juventus are top and if they do not not skid then it will be very difficult to take it.”

“The man of the match? It can’t be anyone other than Gervinho, a player who can change a match with acceleration and a spirit of sacrifice. Mates know that they can count on him, he knows how to be assertive very well, even for the availability he offers to his teammates. I was surprised that he returned to form so quickly after he returned from injury.”

Source(s): Tele Radio Stereo