Roma Weekly Round-Table (Atalanta Match)


Here’s another edition of the Roma Weekly Round-Table, let us know on Twitter if you want to participate in another edition!

This week’s participants are:
Marco (@buccinomarco) of
Imran (@ilcapitanova) of Roma Club Norvegia
Daniel (@Daniel741L)

Out of 10, grade Roma’s performance vs. Atalanta. Why this grade?

Marco: 5.5. You can’t only play the last 30 minutes and hope to find a late winner.
Imran: I’d give 1 for the 1st half, 3 for the 2nd half. Because the 1st half made Andreazzoli’s Roma look decent, and I never thought that’d be possible. We lacked everything from aggression to creativity.
Daniel: 5/10, arguably one of our worst performances this season. As Garcia pointed out after the game, the side only started playing after conceding.

_________ has disappointed me the most during the streak of 4 draws.

Marco: Adem Ljajic
Imran: Adem Ljajic
Daniel: Adem Ljajic

Do these consecutive draws greatly worry you? Why or why not?

Marco: Not at all, they are not a team built for the Scudetto, so trailing Juventus by only three points and running unbeaten after 14 matches means going above and beyond expectations.
Imran: Not yet. I think we played quite well against Torino, Sassuolo and Cagliari, we just lacked the last bit in front of the goal. With injuries to vital players like Totti and Gervinho, combined with the lack of options in attack (Destro), these results are easier to accept. The Atalanta game, however, reminded me of the toothless Roma I thought I’d never see again.
Daniel: These draws do not worry me that much simply because we’ve had to cope with losing major players to suspension and injury during this tough patch. We’ve been unlucky and could have played better but it hasn’t been too bad.

What must Roma do in order to beat Fiorentina?

Marco: They must play with more determination if they want to beat La Viola.
Imran: Be less wasteful.
Daniel: Get the best out of Miralem Pjanic and Adem Ljajic.

One player who was sold over the last 5 years you’d love to have back at Roma?

Marco: It’s easy, David Pizarro.
Imran: Marquinhos.
Daniel: Simon Kjær, even though we have a strong defence, Kjær is now a member of Europe’s best defence at Lille.

My one wish for the January transfer market is ________.

Marco: A proven performer in whatever section.
Imran: A left back who’ll take us all with storm.
Daniel: My one wish for the January transfer market is that we sign Danilo D’Ambrosio for the left back position.

Prediction for Roma vs. Fiorentina?

Marco: I’m not good at predictions, so I won’t give you the final score.
Imran: Roma 2-0 Fiorentina
Daniel: Roma 2-0 Fiorentina