Mihajlovic Believes Roma Need Totti


Sampdoria’s newly appointed manager Siniša Mihajlović had a few words today regarding Roma and their Scudetto ambitions.

Now, you return to managing… he who coaches each team wears the scarf and supports. And is a fan of all?

“I’ve never spoken bullshit like, “I always supported (this club) since childhood, etc.”, but when I wear a shirt I honor it to the end. When I signed up for Samp I got the luck of Andrea Della Valle and managers of Manchester United, where I was also relieved. They changed the manager but still loved the man I am. Then there are teams that have made a mark my life: Red Star, Sampdoria , Lazio, and Inter Milan. And out of respect for these clubs and my feelings I repeat that I won’t ever manage Partizan, Genoa, Roma, and Milan. How many say the same?”

Who will win the Scudetto ?

“Juve. Another time. Conte is technically the best of all. And now the couple of Tevez – Llorente works very well, but don’t compare the Spaniard to Van Basten and Batistuta.”

Roma are there, can they not dream about the title?

“Without Totti they cannot. The numbers say it all. Roma have so many quality players, but if we add them all together they do not come to Francesco alone. He’s the greatest Italian #10 of the last 30 years. And at 37 years old, it is he who takes Roma by the hand.”

Source(s): La Gazzetto dello Sport