Rudi Garcia’s Pre-Atalanta Press Conference


Rudi Garcia has spoken today before Sunday’s fixture vs. Atalanta:

(Transcript via Marco Buccino of Roma News)

“Historically it is a difficult field. For me it is a bit like before going to Udine, because Atalanta is a team that plays well at home and has always done the results, we know it. We must play our game and we’re going there to win as always, nothing else.”

Galliani leaving AC Milan, what do you think about it?

“The answer is simple. I see the Italian league with a lot of quality teams and it means that all these clubs work very well, from the coaches to the companies.

“The striking example is how the three teams are doing in the Champions League, they can qualify. It means that they work well here, with professional quality.”

Pallotta has given you ​​so many compliments. Do you feel the weight of praise?
“It’s one more motivation. It ‘s an honor to hear the president speaking like that and it gives even more desire to keep up.”

What are you worried about?
“We have won ten games and drawn three, for the moment we have not lost and we have the best defense in Europe.

“Once again, the important thing is to play well and when we see statistics against Cagliari, we see that they are the best in terms of number of shots.

“There are things to improve, we worked on set pieces. The confidence in the players is total, as well as theirs.

“We are hungry and we want to continue to do well. I am fine, I think also the players are, but above all highly motivated as their coach.”

Did you have enough time to recover?
“Yes, it was a normal week. The problem of the match against Cagliari was for those who had been playing with the national team.

“This week everything is in place, we did recovery work for some and I saw an interesting enthusiasm.

“The group is always united and ready to give their best , for me this is really a beautiful thing.”

Have you already thought about a coexistence of Destro and Totti?
“I have not think about it because for now Francesco is missing. Mattia plays today because he needs the competition, but if he plays today means that he has recovered.

“Now he and we have to work on his fitness, so he plays today. Nothing is better than playing.”

Could not scoring so much become a syndrome for the players?
“I don’t think so. We need to work more on these issues during training and we have nothing else to do.

“It is not our case, but when a top-scorer has a hard time he works even more and thinks about the collective game, rather than about his ability to score goals.

“We have so many players who can score goals and we do not have this problem. For me it is just a matter of effectiveness and this will work, hoping for a little more luck. The players have confidence.”

Is Destro ready to play from the start?

Will you decide the line-up according to the booked players?
“No. Here in Italy it is different from France, where after ten games the three yellow cards are cancelled.

“Here we must not think about this, but we have to play in a normal way and when we play there are always fouls.”

“Why play afraid? We play with a healthy aggression as every team and nothing more. The referee handles it and the good idea will be not getting a yellow card, but I do not think about it.

“I do not want to think too far, but just concentrate on the game that comes next.”

Pallotta wishes you will be AS Roma’s Ferguson…
“Everything is tied to results. We know the rule, but as I said it’s something that motivates more when the president says something like that, you feel even more desire to do well, especially for AS Roma, not for the president. AS Roma should be above everything.

“I’m happy to be here, I have a good relationship with everyone and this is the most important thing. The quality of relationships exists and gives the desire to give their best.”

Burdisso said that he could leave just to play the World Cup…
“I think about winning in Bergamo. We should not talk about transfer market and I must say that all the things I read are false.

“We have not talked with Sabatini, but for now there is nothing. I have a squad that I like and we are second with a squad of experienced players.

“A squad that gives you the best and can still do better. We just have to work hard and not think about the market.”

Could losing top spot affect your motivation? Has something changed in the group?
“We have gained a point on the third and fifth place, we have just lost the top spot. The first place is not our goal, but just a nice thing and we deserved it.

“Our goal is to return to Europe and gaining a point on the third place was a good thing.

“For now I think it’s a good thing to be second and not first, today I have not heard of the Scudetto and it’s something that makes us feel more confident.

“We have not lost the ambition, but we’ll see where we are in the final sprint after getting into Europe.”