Burdisso Raises Doubts of Roma Future


Center-back Nicolas Burdisso raised doubts today about his future with A.S Roma as he looks to receive more playing time in hopes of making the World Cup squad for Argentina.

The transcript, compliments of Marco Buccino of Roma News, is below.

“In the first few months I was not playing. Earlier this year, I felt very good, and I had already left behind my fears after the injury.

“I thought this year I would have taken back what was mine with my team and with the national team, however, things did not go well.

“In December I’ll see if I will continue with AS Roma or elsewhere. Obviously the times are getting shorter with the World Cup.

“After the injury I have not had the opportunity to return to the national team. I will fight.

“Last year I played more than I thought, I played 30 games and I was available.

“Anyway the coach oriented towards other players and I respect his decision.”

“I have not had any contact with the coach. It’s normal, because I was not playing when he came to Europe to follow some Argentines.

“But the coach knows me and knows what kind of person I am. The fact that I played two World Cups can help. Now I play my cards here.

“I want to regain the spot I had before the injury. The criticism towards the Argentina’s defense is normal, even when I played there, but the offensive potential offensive we have is not comparable with any other national team in the world.”

AS Roma?

“The bench? I want to remark the team has done very well without me. I feel I can keep up with it and I know what I can give. When I played, I felt good. You must be patient…

“I have a role, regardless of whether I play or not. You know what kind of player I am, I know everyone. then see if I continue here or if I will change my position.”

Meeting with the Pope?

“A very strong emotion. Rome? It is an amazing city, unique in the world. There’s quality of life, you have fun, there is everything.”