Garcia Aims for Europe


Roma manager Rudi Garcia spoke today and outlined the goal of the squad. The transcript, compliments of Marco Buccino of Roma News, is below.

“I came here in no time, I was in Marrakech just after the end of the season and my agent called me to tell me they wanted me in Rome, I told him to wait and he said to me ‘Tomorrow or nothing ‘ and then the next day at six in the morning I boarded for Rome , I met Sabatini and signed a contract,” Giallorossi coach Rudi Garcia told the French newspaper La Voix Du Nord.

“The offer from AS Roma came at the end of the season after I went on holiday to Morocco. I talked with Lille president and we parted in friendship, the goal was to separate but remaining on good terms.

“I arrived at Rome after the defeat against Lazio, outside the training center there were offensive banners and fans who insulted, it was a minority but nevertheless it reflected the disillusionment the fans were feeling.

“There was great anxiety from the fans, I had been warned , and so I wanted to get new players to also give a psychological shock, which served the environment, and how.

“We started very well, so far an exceptional start with ten wins and three draws and one point behind Juventus. Europe remains our goal.

“I worked early on communication and on extra-football aspects, then I focused on the language which is very important given the pressure of the media in Italy: if I was talking 15 minutes in Lille, here between TV and radio I talk for an hour.

“The phrase on the Lazio fans? Logic, who is coming to see AS Roma during winter training with the kids and the fine weather then dissent with their team?

“So I went to talk with them and they told me that they were unhappy with the moment of the team. I have often put the spotlight on some of my sentences like that of the church, which was prepared and delivered after a derby suffered and deserved to win.

“Totti? I talked with all the players before the presentation and they all told me that they wanted to win, but Totti is really humble and great at the same time.

“At 37 he is still hungry to win. Here in Rome I have a really nice group and I can work well.”