Garcia’s Pre-Cagliari Press Conference


A.S Roma manager Rudi Garcia spoke today before Monday’s match versus Cagliari. Excerpts via Marco Buccino of

Are Juventus applying pressure to you?
“We are playing against a team that plays good football and that has good players, but we are at home. We have the desire to win and we will do everything possibe to achieve this. We are at the top and it depends only on us to stay ahead on Monday night.”

Chinese investment is possible?
“You have talked so much about these things during these 15 days. I’m here to talk about the game on Monday and I am focused on that, the rest is a corporate matter, not a technical one.”

Gervinho will be back, how much important is he?
“After the international fixtures we had many players in the infirmary but our doctors have done a great job. Torosdisi will not be able to play on Monday as well as Francesco, but everyone else will be available and this is good news because we need everyone to win. Gervinho gives offers a different approach because he has a unique makeup, so I have a very important weapon who can get into space and offers the possibility of eluding defenders. He is an important return for the other strikers, but he needs the team’s game. We have to be good carrying the ball in the last 30 meters so we could be dangerous.”

De Rossi played more to protect the defense in the last two games…
“It was not due to fear, but it is difficult for me to answer that because I’m focused on the next game and I do not remember whether against Sassuolo or Torino we played with one or two strikers because it is different. At the end of the game against Sassuolo they played with four strikers and therefore the position of Daniele changes depending on how many strikers the opposing team uses, but still it was a random thing.”

Expectations for Cagliari?
“With the return of Pinilla they have many more choices, they have players who have been playing together for many years, it’s an advantage for them because they are familiar with the flow of the match and have strong players, but what matters most to us is to play well. I hope it’s possible that we play well because then the ball must roll on the field, but with this schedule it’s difficult. I have never seen a rugby match played two days before a football game, it looks like a strange schedule to me.”

What about the pitch?
“It’s a fact that the field will be worse because it has rained so much from Monday for three days, but we hope to see two opened teams today that play a lot with their hands without scrambles. A quality of a team is also to adapt to the weather conditions and to their opponents, let’s see on Monday.”

Are you afraid that this path will affect the team’s mood?
“Our start to the season has given confidence to everyone and the desire to continue to give their best, as I said with this exceptional path we are only one point ahead of Juventus and for this reason we must keep our feet on the ground because anything can happen, even to remain in first place on Monday evening.”

Destro’s condition?
“On the medical side he is fine, but he has to work a lot on the physical side, he is much better, he could make the squad but he is not 100% and can not help the team for more than a short time, to see the real Mattia Destro we need to wait, minutes and games.

“He’s fine with his head, now the knee responds well and this is good news for everyone.”

Can he be considered an added value from the tactical point of view?
“I’ve watched the games Mattia played before to know him better, for me he is a complete striker who many times it is in the right place at the right time and this is a quality for a striker, a guy who has the goal in his veins.

“He needs to find new sensations with the ball through the motions but slowly he feels much better, even on a psychological level he has the joy of taking the field, he is hungry but there is still much work to do to be 100%.”

A problem with the fullbacks?
“For Federico we’ll see tomorrow, I hope he will train so he can be with the group, otherwise I thought about other solutions with Dodo and Maicon.

“Maicon is fine, he played the full 90 minutes twice in three days but now it is a fact that we must manage this aspect, that’s why he worked in the gym and tomorrow he will be in the group without problems.

“We must pay attention to a player who is fine now but has not played for two years and played two friendly matches in three days, it is a good thing in terms of physical form but it is a bit dangerous.

“We still have a workout tomorrow, but I think that there will be no problem, I hope for Balzaretti too so we will have less problems on the flanks.”

“He’ll be with the group, he will train tomorrow.”

What does change without Borriello?
“It’s important to have choices so I’m glad that Marco is back, he is a striker who needs to get balls in front of the goal, but with others it is a different game.

“Once again, what is important to me is being able to play in different ways so it is more difficult for the opponent, if we have spaces is a danger for them with Florenzi and Gervinho, if they all defend in numbers having someone like Marco is important and it showed against Chievo.

“I’d rather have a choice to make than none.”

Without Totti will you ask one of the midfielders or one of the wingers to give balls deep in for Gervinho?
“Since Totti and Gervinho’s injuries against Napoli we got three wins and two draws, against Sassuolo and Torino we could have even won.

“For me it is not a problem to play without them, but it is better to have them, the worst thing is a long absence of one or the other so I’m happy with the return of Gervinho and I hope that the captain will come back soon.”

Florenzi-Ljajic-Gervinho is something new…
“Your choice, let’s see if it’s mine too on Monday, I have opportunities and those who play or who will come during the match will do well, we have players with quality and players of different profiles that can all be decisive.

“We know that our dangers can come from all sides and I like that because it means that the team has a game that can bring everyone to score a goal.”

Can the match against Juventus in January be decisive?
“I can not think about this game, there are five games up to December, we will see it later, for now we will watch Juventus on TV.”

“My thoughts are with the people of Sardinia. On Monday we will play a football game, it’s just a game and it’s important to offer support to those who are having a hard time, there will be a minute’s silence.

“It was an important thing to say from the club and also from the players who think so.”