De Sanctis Not Thinking Of Azzurri Return


Morgan De Sanctis spoke today to Sky Sport about Roma’s current position in the table and if he believes they can maintain their current position.

What do you think of Roma in the first place?
“It’s a place that we feel like is ours and we have the technical resources to retain it for a long time, we’ll evaluate our position at the end of the first round.”

You feel the pressure of Juventus?
“The pressure you feel sure, but pressure is a healthy and good for us, giving us the motivation to train well and beat Cagliari. I expect that on Monday, if the team offers a performance like the one with the Sassuolo, we’ll accomplish more.”

You are the goalkeeper beaten the least in Europe, what do you think?
“For me it is definitely a huge satisfaction but I would like to share with the team. The greatest satisfaction is to be first in the standings.”

A return to the National team is possible?
“I left the national team and I am serious and consistent. It annoys me when one uses some of my situations on and off the field. I left Italy in March and it makes me proud to know that you talk of my return. Someone had joked: ‘He leaves today because tomorrow someone will make him leave.’ It was not like that, because in that group I was an important reference point from all points of view. It was clear that I was not playing because there was Buffon. I left for family reasons and because I needed to devote my energies to Roma. It was like that for Napoli as it is today for Roma. My hope is that Marchetti and Sirigu can continue to do well with their clubs. Speaking of the national team does not concern me.”

Source(s): Sky Sport