Garcia Full Of Praise For Totti


Manager Rudi Garcia spoke to “Europe 1” today regarding the current form of Roma and captain Francesco Totti.

“I am convinced that a real team see the difficulties. Juventus has come to life? We were aware of this from Day 1 and I should know. It’s why when I hear our fans or the press praise us at the beginning of the season I was very cautious, especially seeing the path of Juve, who despite our 10 wins and two draws is just one point behind.”

The Frenchman continued, “But the quality of our group, which was also our strength at Lille, to Dijon or Le Mans, is knowing how to recover quickly and immediately after. When all is well, it is very easy to ride the positive wave, but the real great teams are the ones who know how to do the ‘switch’ and reverse the negative moments.”

The manager went on to praise the injured Francesco Totti, who is expected to return within a month, “Totti? He’s a player of world class stature, he’s player who, when on the pitch, does things that few others can. Everyone has seen it all before, he has the technical capability to perform in the tenth of a second following the things he sees. Totti has made a start to the season that brought the Italian National Team coach Prandelli to say that, before the accident, he may make the squad. He would also make France’s team. Behold, the answer is simple: although he’s 37 years old, Francesco Totti is one of the the biggest players in Europe and still one of the best Italian players of today.”

Source(s): Europe 1