Former Roma Striker Believes Totti Is The Key


Former A.S Roma striker Massimo Marazzina spoke today on Rudi Garcia’s squad after suffering two consecutive draws after winning 10 matches in a row to start the season.

Without Totti and Gervinho the attack loses its sting and is followed by two consecutive defeats. What does this mean?
“It means that Totti, with his kind of game, is too important for the team. And as we have seen on occasion, I believe that the mere presence of Totti puts some sort of extra concern to opposing defenses.”

Rome are tired?
“A little yes, but no one would expect an even longer streak of wins. Episodes were against them from the beginning of the season. And it’s normal anyway, I would not be so worried.”

The alternatives in attack are lacking?
“I think so, yes. Replacing Totti and Gervinho is never easy, but Roma has an important number of attackers. Ljajic failed on occasions against Sassuolo, but he is a player who knows how to lose his man and create opportunities.”

We should expect more from the Serbian?
“He was well accustomed to everyone and scored goals early in the season, he will now have to add continuity to his play.”

Rome to buy another striker in January?
“I think a lot will depend on the physical conditions of Destro, because Borriello is expected to return soon from his injury. If Destro will prove physically healthy then Roma should not buy anyone.”

You expect purchases in January?
“I believe that, as confirmed by Sabatini, Roma will point out a few minor players to strengthen the bench and not the eleven starters.”