Baldissoni: “There Is No Decline”


A.S Roma General Director Mauro Baldissoni spoke with the media after Roma’s 1-1 draw with Sassuolo. The director reiterated his belief in Roma and reassured fans that there is no need for panic.

“There is no decline, Roma has done extraordinary things, two draws should not change your mind. The team is able to get out to win and this is what we will do. The referees? We put ourselves in a position to win games, then the results depend on many things outside of our control, that are part of the game. Scudetto? We continue to do our homework to get prepared, that means getting on the field in a position to win games. The absence of Totti and all the absences weighs heavy on us, the coach must be able to make his own choices about the whole squad at his disposal, fewer players means fewer choices. If we thought that the league is easy, we should not take the field. Clearly it is not. If we were to think that screaming we can influence the referees, we’ve made an even bigger mistake, because if we make a competition to see who has the louder voice, we’re finished. The market in January? Yesterday’s game is a game that Roma deserved to win but did not win, we continue our journey as we did from the first day, Roma has demonstrated to be able to do extraordinary things and we will work to continue to do so.”