Garcia’s Pre-Sassuolo Press Conference


Rudi Garcia held his weekly press conference this afternoon before Sunday’s fixture vs. Sassuolo:

Do you feel the team struggles when Borriello is in the side?
“We won two-nil against Napoli with Borriello, and with 10 for more than 30 minutes in Udine. Against Chievo we expected a close game and we knew that Borriello and his physicality could be very useful. Marco needs the team’s play, we need to play well and get the ball inside the area. We can still improve in this area, although in recent games we have always found him to wait only for a team’s defense to make a mistake. The winning streak is over, but the series of positive results is always present.”

Destro is improving?
“It is important that he is cleared by our trainers, but now he is working with the group and I am very happy with this. In the meantime, Mattia needs to work physically and find new sensations as a player. Luckily the international break is almost here and it gives him 15 days to work hard and I hope that after the break he is ready to help the team.”

The draw at Torino came with Pjanic in attack?
“I believe in Turin Michael Bradley was our best midfielder, when there is an opposing team with so much density he can be an advantage to have in front of players who can give density and numbers in our game.”

Gervinho has been called by the Ivory Coast. What is the situation?
“We use each day to monitor his health and he is improving, if he plays tomorrow — we will see. I hope to have him in the team for Sunday and if there aren’t any problems — then he can go to the national team. However, if there is a risk we have to evaluate it for Sunday and for the Ivory Coast. Luckily the manager of Côte d’ Ivoire is an intelligent man, I want him to know the situation of Gervinho because for us it is very important that he is not injured again.”

Roma benefit from not playing in Cup competitions?
“We probably have carried on not only because of this; when a team gets 31 points out of 33 it’s not only because they play once a week. We have to win this weekend because we want to resume the streak, and then we want to make sure we took some points from Juve or Napoli or both. Sunday we have a tough game against Sassuolo, we must be focused only on that.”

The enthusiasm remains after Turin?
“I saw a team angry at the end of the game because there is a great desire to win. The last 20 minutes in Turin I liked, I saw players run and not waste time. This is a good sign for the coach to be part of the team.”

Do you prefer who wins between Juve and Napoli?
“First we have to win and take three points. After that, then the favorable result is a draw.”

There is another team that in these eleven games that stood out and deserves the title?
“It is difficult to answer, for me, all the teams that are now in the first part of the league have done very well. Juventus and Napoli are favorites and have a rose to all competitions, we saw that Inter, Fiorentina, and also the Verona play very well and have made significant achievements. For me, nothing is closed, of course it is better to be ahead and have the largest advantage possible on the fourth place.”

You see a difference with and without Totti?
“We may have the risk of losing Totti as the Naples can take chances with Higuain and Juventus with Tevez. Surely it is better to have the champions on the field, for the moment, even if we do not win in a spectacular way, we still got 10 points out of 12 without him. If he takes longer to recover, then the absence of the captain will count against us, that’s for sure.”