Pelizolli Glad To Keep Record


Current Pescara and former A.S Roma goalkeeper Ivan Pelizzoli was asked about his former club when he appeared on Centro Suono Sport today:

Following the set-back suffered by De Sanctis during the match against Torino you remain the unbeaten record-holder with 774 consecutive minutes without conceding a goal. You were pleased?

“I was very pleased that the record has been left to me, but I am also very sorry for Roma and De Sanctis.”

About Giallorossi goalkeeper, how would you rate his work and his personality?

“In my opinion, Morgan De Sanctis from 1 to 10 is a very strong 10, both from a technical point of view and personality. He’s a great person capable of compacting and encouraging the team thanks to the high level of concentration and determination.”

As for the defense, which consider do you consider stronger among this current of Garcia and the one that you had with Capello?

“They are both very strong and organized, both I and De Sanctis have been greatly helped by the defenders. Garcia’s defense is excellent, but I too had strong defenders in the years of the record.”

What memories do you have of Rome?

“A great memory from my point of view was the relationship with the fans. Later on, we had a disastrous year with four coaches and then I left because they told me that I could have stayed in the following year but as the second or even the third goalkeeper, while my desire was to continue playing. My only regret was leaving without being able to speak to Spalletti, who arrived after I left. Depending on my commitements, I always follow the team, I keep myself informed.”

Source(s): Centro Suono Sport