De Sanctis Surprised by Victory in Udine


Goalkeeper Morgan De Sanctis admiited to Italia 1 today that he did not expect Roma to escape Udine with three points. The Giallorossi were able to extend their winning streak thanks to a 82′ goal from Michael Bradley.

“Tactically we performed better with 10 men on the pitch. We did well to take advantage of the counter-attack. It was a great victory against Udinese, but we suffered and it wasn’t expected for Udinese to play so well like they did in the first half.”

The former Udinese man went on to comment on Roma’s winning streak after the Giallorossi tied Fabio Capello’s Juventus with 9 straight victories to open a season.

“What is happening is miraculous. Nobody could have predicted this considering the circumstances, but the squad has started working towards something important. The immediate influence he (Rudi Garcia) has made has been phenomenal. He’s an extremely cultured and intelligent man. He has a great relationship with all the players and he understands Italian well, which allows him to be very clear with everyone.”

Source(s): Italia 1