Ljajic Ready To Make An Impact


Adem Ljajic has spoken to Radio Dimensione Suono and has expressed his eagerness to get on the pitch and be a force from the start of the match.

What do you expect for the match on Sunday?
“I expect a great match, I hope to continue to win, I really want to play because I have not played much, but as long as we win that’s okay. I had problems with my back and a hip flexor, it’s past now though, I’ve been training well but the decision is only Garcia.”

“He has methods similar to those of Montella, he does much possession and many passes. Garcia performs well with the players, he talks to everyone and I think I have his confidence.”

More than positive environment reigns in the locker room?
“I do not want to think about how we will react to defeats, I think only of beating Udinese, they are a strong young team that can get us into trouble.”

With a victory Roma would reach the record of Capello’s Juventus of 9 wins in a row at the start of the season…
“But today we are stronger than Juve, we have 5 points more. We really want to continue like this, but the championship is long and we still have to prove who we are. Troubles will come, but football is also nice for this.”

And one (problem) has already arrived with the loss Totti?
“It will be a huge problem, he is the most important player but many others want to prove they can play and we have to win without him. Gervinho? I do not like to make comparisons with my teammates but he has characteristics different from mine, he’s more faster and I’m more technical but he is him and I’m me.”

Source(s): Radio Dimensione Suono