Garcia: “A.S Roma Has Not Won Enough”


A.S Roma manager appeared on beIN Sport this afternoon and spoke about his career, A.S Roma, and some of his players:

Thoughts on Gervinho and Kevin Strootman?
“The answers will come from the field for Gervinho. As for Kevin, we had to convince him to come to A.S Roma. He wanted to be sure of the choice.”

The pairing of Benatia and Castan?
“It is a very safe hinge. They are complementary and it’s going well.”

AS Roma?
“For me, it is a club that has not won enough.”

Your adventure in Lille?
“I lived something huge there. Today the adventure continues elsewhere.”

Influence of your father?
“There are things I do today that are definitely thanks to him.”

Source(s): beIN Sport