Sacchi Surprised by Roma


Italian legend Arrigo Sacchi has praised Roma and Rudi Garcia and admits he is surprised by their start.

“Few could have predicted a start like this for Roma, simply because of the players they lost this summer. What Rudi Garcia has confirmed is that football is not a game of individuals, but that everything depends on the style of play. Roma have lowered their individual level but raised the collective, which improves players, thus limiting errors in an orchestra which is getting results and entertaining.”

“I expect to see a good match from Inter and Roma, the two sides have different philosophies when it comes to playing football. Serie A lacks some purpose, I don’t want to say it is negative, but prudence is the battle cry,” Sacchi claimed.

He continued, “Football in Europe is attack-minded, except in Italy. In Spain they say the team who scores more goals will win the championship, but in Italy they say the team that concedes the least amount of goals will win the championship. Roma, Juventus, Napoli and Fiorentina are the clubs in Italy trying to change that philosophy.”

Source(s): Tele Radio Stereo