Pallotta: “I’m Honored That Francesco Totti is Staying Here”

pallota totti

President James Pallotta and captain Francesco Totti had a joint press conference this afternoon at the Bernardini press room to announce the extension of Francesco Totti’s contract for two year.

Pallotta: “I’m honored that Francesco Totti is staying here and I’d like to toast to a great future for Roma and Francesco.”

Totti: “I’d like to thank the president for this new contract. Everyone wanted it to happen, me and the club. I have another two years of responsibilities and I’m sure we’ll achieve some great things together. We’ve got the season off to a decent start. We’re a good team and we have a very capable coach. A favorite memory? 06/17/2001, as if it were today. The memories I still have to create? Hopefully even better. Going to the World Cup? My jersey is the Roma jersey but obviously I remain open to the possibility. We’ll see!”

Pallotta: “There have been lots of positive changes since last season, meeting Garcia in particular. When I asked Garcia what sort of relationship he has with his team, he said ‘I love my team and my players’. When De Rossi scored against Livorno, the guys celebrated like crazy. That shows how compact this team is. I noticed a vastly different demeanor on the team’s tour. Everyone was hanging together, Francesco was like a kid. I’m pleased with what we’ve achieved in the last few months. We’re a work in progress and we’re forging ahead. There’s never been any doubt in our minds that Totti would stay. He’s Roma’s leader and he’ll be here forever.

Totti: “I want to thank the club for giving me the opportunity to wear the only jersey that I’ve always loved. The derby? There are 3 Romans on the team and it obviously means more to us. But we all want the same thing: to win. This year we have experienced players on the team who have played lots of derbies before. They know what it’s all about.