Sabatini Press Conference: His Words


Roma Sporting Director Walter Sabatini met with journalists this morning to discuss the mercato and his thoughts on the club, his words:

Regarding Erik Lamela:

“We’d never considered selling Lamela before but a number of new factors came into play and altered the scenario. A club made a big offer, making it difficult to renegotiate his contract, and at that point we decided to sell. Lamela was sold once we realized we could sign a player of similar quality, Ljajic, at a very good price. Erik had a massive deal on the table and that’s when we lost him, he became unsettled here. That’s why we sold him. At the same time we had the chance to sign a talented player in Ljajic and so we went ahead with it.”

The mercato:

“No one forced me to sell. It wasn’t easy to do transfer business after May 26th but we’re pleased, we have a competitive roster. Roma is not a selling club. We’ll always work with the aim of building a competitive team”Looking at the players we’ve brought in, I don’t see any change of policy compared to when I joined the club. We’ve added experience with De Sanctis and Maicon but also younger players like Gervinho, Benatia, Strootman and Ljajic. Roma has not sold off its future: we have a fantastic wealth of young players here in Trigoria. But our transfer business leaves us in profit following player sales and purchases but wages have gone up.”

Regarding the club as constructed:

“Is Roma better than last year? We have a strong team that is very different to the one we had last season. Roma will challenge for the Champions League, I say that not because of the two games we’ve won but because I see the players and realize that things have changed.”

Thoughts on Tottenham and Baldini?:

“The fact that Tottenham bought players Roma were looking at as well doesn’t mean they stole them from us. Baldini has always behaved correctly towards Roma. We both acted fairly in the transfer window.”


“I think we’ll all be here lauding Destro come the end of the season. He’s not fit but he’s working hard to get back on the field.”

Does the team lack quality in any area?:

“Is the team short in any area? I don’t think so. Garcia plays with 3 mobile forwards. We have good options, including Borriello.”

De Rossi and his goal against Livorno?:

“My reaction to De Rossi’s goal against Livorno? I put my hand to my head and thought, ‘Thank the footballing gods, he’s back!'”

Concerned by the increase in wages?:

“Roma needs a wage policy: we have a path to follow leading to the construction of a new stadium. We have to balance the books.”