Chievo’s Sannino Praises Roma and Garcia


Chievo Verona manager Giuseppe Sannino spoke with Tele Radio Stereo and sung praises for Roma and their new manager Rudi Garcia.

“Roma? I saw the game against Verona. It is a team that prefers to keep the ball but its strength lies in not giving away their reference point. Everybody shoots and they defend below the line of the ball. Totti was extraordinary. De Rossi, who will end his career in red and yellow because it is only right, is an important player and he’s showing it by having regained confidence. De Sanctis seems to have been in the capital for a lifetime. Garcia queitly arrived a few months ago, he took the situation in hand and deserves credit for having transmitted his competitiveness and nastiness. Against the Giallorossi, it will be difficult for everyone ”