Ljajić Press Conference


Your goal?
“I just had two workouts here. I know Fiorentina have a strong squad with strong players, I expect to get to Europe, then we’ll see what happens.”

Upset for not signing for AC Milan?

“I talked with Fiorentina directors before, they knew what I wanted. We did not find an agreement, my agent came and told me that there were some teams, then I decided to come here because AS Roma is important in Italy and Europe, is very strong and has a great history, I’m glad to be here.”

Where could AS Roma get?
“According to me ahead of all there is only Juventus, they are stronger. Then for the second place there are so many teams, including Napoli, Fiorentina, Milan, AS Roma. We will play game after game, we’ll see at the end.“

Where do you like to play? Is the Roma front line similar?
“I watched the game in Livorno, at Fiorentina I’ve played with the same game system. I like to play on the left wing, then the coach will decide, I can also play fullback. I would rather play on the left, I can also play center forward or on the right. In my opinion at this time the front line is complete, there are great players.”

How did Montella speak to you about AS Roma?

“I talked a little with him, only five minutes one. He told me that it is a beautiful city and I will be fine.”

What pushed you to accept AS Roma?
“I have spoken with Fiorentina for my extension, no agreement was reached. An offer came from AS Roma and I am very happy to be here, I decided right away.”

Source(s): @buccinomarco